Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Bath

There is no better way to end the perfect day than with a bath and there is no better place than in the kitchen sink.

She absolutely loves the sprayer.
Something about those little droplets of water tickling her little fingers.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day: Part 3

With all the presents unwrapped and the meat in the oven, we took a walk down to Debbie's new digs. She rented a house just a few blocks from her current place and was excited to show us her new home.

There's no better time to make a snowman than on Christmas Day.
There was plenty of snow to do it.

No gloves so I wrapped my hands with wash cloths :)


The new place

Zoe is checkin' out the back porch. All clear.

This has been a very exciting day. I need to lie down.

We had a wonderful Christmas and want to thank everyone for being a part of making it all so special. We love you and hope to see you all soon.

Christmas Day: Part 2

We were hoping that Zoe would be as excited about bikes as Aaron and me but we had no idea how much she would take to the two-wheeled happy wagon. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE BIKE!!! Very satisfying considering how worked up we both got when shopping for her first bicycle.

She already has great form and posture. What a natural!

Okay, so I'm stuck. Who's gonna push me?

Guess she feels experienced enough to carry things around for the ride.

Look Ma, one foot!

No way! No kisses for you!

Okay, maybe some snuggling.

Needless to say, we are all having a lot of fun.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day: Part 1

Ah, Christmas Day. All the shopping and wrapping comes to an end in a blazing paper blizzard. Okay, so Zoe's not that crazed yet. We did go overboard of course but that was to be expected. It was her first Christmas and we will never forget it. In accordance with the gluttony of gifts you are about to see, I had to break this post up into three parts. Forgive us but that is just the way it has to be to cover all the Christmas fun.

I told you we went OVERBOARD!

Go ahead, baby girl...

You got a lot of unwrapping to do.

Ah... nothing like a crackling fire on Christmas morning

No, it's just the annual Yule Log for the city slickers

We even had to overdo the stocking stuffers with lollipops the size of her head

An awesome gift from Nanny Kellie

Thanks for the cool hat Nan D. Look how cute I am.

I love my Glo Worm

Frida Kahlo huh? I like her flowers but...

why didn't anyone lend her some treezers?


Time to take a break with Dad

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

So we started off the holidays right by taking it easy with Zoe in the morning before heading off to New Jersey to spend Christmas with Debbie. We hadn't been careful with the gifts and left them wrapped in Aaron's studio. Zoe grabbed one and started opening it up. Might as well start now with all the other presents Santa had for her.

When we got to Nana's house, it didn't take long to get into trouble. There were clementines on a fruit rack in the kitchen. Zoe bit one through the skin, dropped it and chomped another. In all I think we had 4 casualties.

She got to open a present from Joe

Let's figure out how this works

COOL! A book that reads and sings to me!

Who needs toys when there's cardboard tubes?

We were soon to discover that although we got Zoe some really great stuff, she was happy to play with wrapping paper, tissue and bows.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Oh man!!! We got sacked by some snow. I had just finished telling my cousin how the storm wasn't a big deal and that we wouldn't get any major snow until February. Guess I was wrong! Just like every snow in NYC, we love to see it fall but it doesn't take long before it's a mess. So we enjoy it while we can: in the wee hours of the morning as it falls quietly to the ground. These are the moments that turn New Yorkers into picture-taking tourists. I am no different. Hope you enjoy the shots.

We got about a foot of snow.

The drifts were much higher and in spite of an awning over the porch, the snow managed to get on the front steps.

Early morning trek to work

This makes me think of a Batman movie

The snow piled up inside the subway where it fell through the vents on the street

Sixth Avenue and 55th Street

Those Manolos look awfully cozy in that window away from the wet snow

Of course it wasn't that bad. But then again, I wasn't traveling anywhere or working for the Dept. of Sanitation. Let it snow!!!