Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ruby has arrived!

After waiting 15 days after her due date (just like her big sister), Ruby Anne made her debut at 1:41 am on October 7th. She shares her birthday with Zoe's friend Emma.

Zoe is an amazing big sister. We knew she would be but she is just so great at not poking Ruby's eyes out. We are trying to get her to stop french kissing her but these are not big problems to have.

This is the three of us the first week.

Smooshy kisses

Nana Debbie with the girls

This is going to get interesting pretty quick. And by interesting I mean hard. I look forward to the challenge but most of all I can't wait to see the friendship between them bloom and grow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stuff She Does

Zoe has even more tricks up her sleeves. Besides being able to say a million things, she is super busy all the time. Have a look!

Gotta call my peeps

Check some e-mail

Let's not forget my nap

Story time

Goofy time
Stuck in the laundry basket again

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nana's here!

Zoe has been enjoying her time with my mom since she arrived for Ruby's birth. It didn't take long to get acquainted and Zoe is pretty attached.

Watching Elmo on Nana's laptop

Joined by some friends

Playing dress up.

Her new Dora couch/bed

Monday, November 1, 2010


So I have been trying to post videos for a while and keep getting an error so rather than wait for it to get sorted out, I am going to try to post everything I can to get things caught up. There is a good chance we will re-route all our faithful followers to a new site devoted to both girls. We will make sure to let you all know where to go to stay in touch with them.

Zoe doesn't seem to mind dog-piling my baby bump.

Looks like she's ready for school

Big Smiles

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hanging with My Peeps

Zoe has quite a full calendar. There is always a cool friend to hang out with and she loves to have people over for juice and some quality play time.

A mound of blankets makes a great place to relax and watch Elmo.

Zoe has Nana trained to play her Elmo in the morning.

The big baby belly doesn't get in her way. She still like to surf on Mommy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So I find myself playing catch-up on the blog again and I apologize to all waiting for updates on Zoe. We definitely were a little preoccupied in September waiting for Newbie to make an appearance and we are still waiting. Aaron says she's a Deetz and Deetzs' don't show up on time. I say she's just like her daddy.

In the meantime, there's no stopping Zoe, of course. She is becoming quite the toddler. My mom arrived on the 18th and she can already tell that Zoe has made the switch from baby to toddler. She is learning to assert herself more and the tantrums are more abundant, but overall, she is a good girl and doesn't give us that much trouble. She just wants to be included. We've been hanging out together in the kitchen and she like to help me cook. Of course, it's a huge mess but that's the price you pay for learning.

Zoe helps me with scrambled eggs

She also likes to help me make dinner. On this occasion, she was helping me stir the batter for fish and chips.

She loves to play with keys and has now made an association with them and the keyhole on the back door. Too funny.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Things She Does

There is always something for Zoe to get into. Even if you think you are smarter than her and have secured all items, you are wrong. But as much as the majority of my day is picking up after her, I know this exploration of destruction is what helps her continue to thrive, aching back be damned.

She's always loved music and I'm so amazed at how responsive she is. ANY music that she hears becomes the perfect dance track. Of course she has her preferences (Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson, the cable commercial) but it's so cool to watch her. Music is definitely a family affair.

This is her bringing the hammer down on the ukelele.

We were hanging out in the bedroom this morning and I turned around to find her tucked into a Marmot sack (for camping stuff) and reading her favorite book. She's such a clown. I love it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Toddler Hijinks

So yesterday was such a super fun day that it spilled over into today. There was a lot of great video captured so it might take a few daily posts to get it all on the blog but I'll do it.

Zoe had her 18 month checkup today and in the last three months, she's gained 5 pounds and grown 3 1/2 inches, putting her in the 80th percentile for weight and the 93rd for height. She was a bit out of sorts during the appointment since her nap was non-existent, but taking that into consideration, she tolerated her booster vaccinations well. She always has. Two lollipops doesn't hurt either.

Zoe loves to jump on the bed, so without further adieu, here she is, jumpin' on the bed.

Still more jumping but with lots of talking.

I swear she knows more than just two words.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18 Months

It has been an insanely busy week of topsy turvy life stuff. Had a weird bout of intestinal distress that wiped me out for a day, but no matter what happened, I wouldn't dream of forgetting Z's 18 month mark on Earth. She is doing the most amazing things and I hope that you all feel included in her growth spurt.

I am totally exhausted and wish I could give a greater account for the week, but it's just not in me. I'll fill you in when I can keep my eyes open.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Good and the Bad

Today was our last lazy Friday with Daddy. He goes back to a regular 5 day work week next week. The weather should have pried us out of the house earlier but we really had a great morning and afternoon at home. I made breakfast (eggs, bacon, banana bread, smoothie) and we all sat and chowed down while listening to our favorite morning music show on the radio.

I moved a step closer to finishing Zoe's room by mounting a shelf for storage (there's never enough). When I finished, it was time for her nap. I knew I would have at least 2 hours to get some things done. I had done laundry earlier in the week, so what did I do? Aaron and I took a nap too! Oh it was glorious.

We got up and had a late lunch (as usual- Zoe naps until 3pm). I couldn't help but spoil her a bit with some after-lunch pudding on this last Friday with Daddy. Ok, so that was a lame excuse for pudding, but who really needs a reason to have some pudding?

What?! I dunno what happened to the pudding.

Got the face clean but where to start on the rest?

So we finally got ourselves together to get outside and enjoy the weather at the end of the day. We had to make a quick stop in Forest Hills to pick up a bouncer for Newbie ad then we were off to Forest Park. Aaron discovered an elevated entrance on a long walk down Myrtle Avenue and wanted to show us. The whole park has been closed to car traffic and all the roads are pedestrian and bikes only. It was so quiet and serene and the early evening weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Unfortunately, we got off to a rough start. Zoe was walking with us and somehow lost her footing. Of course, this has happened before with just a little knee scrape, but this fall was different. She didn't catch herself at all and kinda just skidded from shoulder to forehead.

She was understandably upset and we sat for a while until she felt better. Luckily we brought along some bubbles and that always cheers her up. We resumed the walk with no more mishaps and made our way home before it got too dark. Here are some shots of the damage. UGH!

So sad, but we hit it with some Neosporin and hopefully it will look better in the morning. I know it's just the beginning of the scrapes and bruises but it still sucks to see them hurt and upset. Here's to hoping it gets easier.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pool Party

July was a brutal month to be in NYC. We know summer is going to be bad but over half of the days in the month were above 90 degrees and humid. There is nothing to do but stay inside by an air conditioner and give Con Ed your paycheck or get out into some water. The parks are great for sprinklers but hard for the littler ones to compete for safe space.

That's where our little star-shaped pool came in handy. Our nanny Kellie invited all the moms and nannies that care for Zoe's friends to come over and enjoy a dip in the cool water. She happened to get some shots of the action.

It really looks like everyone is having a good time and beating the heat. I came home that afternoon and was thrilled to have all these little ones splashing around in my backyard. They were truly enjoying the summer. Something we should all try to do, even when it seems impossible.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Closing Weekend in Prospect Park

Prospect Park Bandshell is home to NYers who wait all year for a summer full of amazing concerts and yummy food. Admission is a suggested $3 donation that is worth every penny. Last year, we were there every weekend it seemed. Though we didn't make it as often as we wanted this year, we made up for it at the end of the season. Sonic Youth blew our pants off!

Saturday night featured Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. The openers were great and the venue was packed. We spread out the blanket and plunked down with our picnic. As usual, Zoe got the snacking ball rolling.

One peach wasn't enough for her.
Had to double-fist that fruit.

Of course she had to have dessert.
A little Ginger-O action.
Though we have never showed her, she has found her preferred way of eating cookies by twisting them apart and eating the frosting. Very interesting.

Sunday was closing day at Celebrate Brooklyn. We attended Ezra Jack Keats Family Day. There was great folky chilled out music by Elizabeth Mitchell. She even covered Bob Marley's "3 little birds". Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could jazzed things up with some great country/bluegrass style tunes. The vibes was perfect and Zoe had on her dancing shoes. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera and got it on my phone but with no way to transfer it to this page. Sorry. But we got great shots of Zoe enjoying an orange creamsicle float.

That's an impressive mustache.

There's still a glimmer of summer left and we are going to enjoy it. Things will be getting crazy around our house real soon. Here's to hoping for a good transition.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun in the Sun Before Summer is Done

As hot as the city can be in the summer, the playgrounds in the area give us great sprinklers to cool off in. It's taken time for Zoe to get really comfortable with water pummeling her from different directions but it is definitely growing on her.

The first two videos are of Zoe at the playground with her friend Emma. Candace and her mother-in-law Randi were kind enough to sacrifice being dry so I could get it on video.
Thanks guys!

Of course, after she got all wet, she wanted to slip and slide all over the playground equipment. There was a set of little seats she kept trying to sit on but the wet butt wouldn't let it happen. She dried off a bit and we hit the slide. Check it out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Zo-in' it up!

Zoe is getting to be such a little girl. She loves to try and dress herself and runs around making up silly dances. Her vocabulary has exploded and she gets more and more coordinated every day. The scariest part of that is how well she can maneuver stairs. It's good but it's just higher places to fall from. Hey, I'm trying my best but a little paranoia can go along way to protect them from impaling themselves. Here are a few picks of her stylish ways.

Nan D (my mom) got her this dress in Ecuador.
I call her my little "abuelita" when she wears it.

This dress is a hand-me-down from cousin Kayla.
The head piece is from my sister.
Zoe insisted on the boots to finish the look.

A little stretching never hurt

New Crocs from Nana Debbie.

And of course a new sleeping picture had to make it's way in the bunch.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Times

I thought it only fair that I share proof of the goodness that fills the day with Zoe. The tantrums are few and far between. One of my favorite things about Zoe is what a good mood she is in when she wakes up. She has kind of always been this way and it happens first thing in the morning and after naps. This particular video only starts well after she is awake. I was peeking through the doors, watching her play with her feet. I went to grab the camera to try to capture it and got caught, but it's just as well. You'll see.

Zoe has always been a lover of the water but she has been into showers for a month or so. Of course the first one was weird for her but she quickly warmed up to the sprinkling water and has taken a liking to the mechanics of the fixtures. Sometimes it takes some lengthy convincing to get her out of the tub.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toddler Time

So everyone warns you from the moment your child is born that there will be a time when your sweet baby will turn into a screaming, moody banshee. You swear it will never happen to your precious bundle of joy, that somehow your child will be different. It's all crap, of course. All children go through it and some are worse than others but it's inescapable and part of them becoming developed human beings. It would be great to skip it, but who are we kidding?

I have to admit that at this point, the tantrums are more humorous than anything but I know that will change. Or maybe not. Maybe this is a perspective to keep. I can see how it would be a great survival technique to find it funny when they are throwing themselves on the ground and pounding their fists, expressing their hatred for you. We'll see how it all goes. For now, I have a little documentation on the beginning of this "beautiful" stage of person hood.

Take 1 is Zoe trying to put her swim suit on. She has been totally obsessed with trying to put on her clothes. It is practically impossible to keep her out of her dresser as she loves to pull her clothes out of the drawers and proceed to put on three pairs of pants. Her frustration mounts pretty quickly but that's part of what makes it so funny. Check it out.

Take 2 is a little later in the same day as I was preparing to put everything out on the table for dinner. You will notice the use of her newest acquired expressions "want it" and her request that I "open" things. She is definitely in top whiny form on this late afternoon, but they don't call it the witching hour for nothing. Please forgive the perpetually cluttered dining area. It is a work in progress. Then again, so is the entire house.

I really hope I have acquired the patience to deal with the next levels of this toddler phenomenon. I suspect it may be a gradual process for that reason but I am definitely putting forth my best effort to be the best caretaker for these little rascals we call children. In reality, this behavior is such a small part of our interactions with them on a daily basis. Totally doable.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FINALLY More Videos

A big apology to everyone for the hiatus of video for the last six months. Our Flip camera kinda took a crap and we didn't replace it until last week. Of course, there was a lot of fun things missed during that period but we have plans to make this up to you. We already have some great footage and can't wait to share it with you, so here goes.

This video was taken at breakfast last week. We were having eggs, avocado and fruit smoothies. Zoe loves to drink out of a regular cup and it's worth cleaning up the mess to see her having such a good time. Highlights include talking and signing and well, just being plain cute. I had to break it up into two parts but enjoy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer in the City

The best place to beat the summer heat is in our back yard. We set up Z's blow-up pool and invited Emma to come over and swim. The pool is actually pretty amazing. It fits two pregnant mommies and two toddlers. I couldn't ask for more.

Just startin' to get wet.

Nanny Kellie is on lifeguard duty

Great smile!