Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Noodles, Noodles, Noodles!

The adventures in eating never cease. Zoe loves any kind of pasta and most any fruit. So far, the only thing she has completely rejected was asparagus and I didn't cook that. I am hoping she is ready to pick up her own spoon and fork soon. I always feel like I am double-fisting it at every meal. Soon enough I'm sure.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Growing Growing Gone

Before Zoe was born and we were filling our registry with useful things, I thought I would pick the car seat that she could use for as long as possible. The one we chose goes up to 30 lbs and Zoe is well below that mark now. But alas, long babies do not fit into these car seats and we quickly realized our investment had expired (Sorry Grammy and Grampy).

Lucky for us, Target had a great sale on the next stage of car seats and Nana Debbie got two of them: one for our car and one for hers. Zoe thoroughly inspected both seats. Check it out!

That's almost a thumb's up. We'll take it!

Me likey this a-one too.

Of course, she really only liked them when they were sitting in the living room. As soon as we put it in the car and she rode in it for the first time on Sunday, well, let's just say she turned into a big whiney butt. I hope she gets used to it or we may never get in the car again. Just kidding... maybe.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zoe Meets Heera

Our really good friends Mumtaj and Ryan had a baby girl in May. They live in Baltimore and we never got the chance to make it down so when the opportunity to visit them in New Jersey presented itself, we jumped at the chance to see them. It was a short drive from Debbie's place and the weather held out for us to make the trip the day after Christmas.

Mumtaj's uncle was sweet enough to open his home to a big crowd of hungry people and fed us a delicious brunch. We stuffed our faces and laughed at the babies and each other. It was so wonderful the see Heera thriving, especially after a rough entrance in the world. She is so spunky and we look forward to keeping up with her adventures. Here's to hoping the next visit won't be so far off.