Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Random Zoe goodness

Here are some little tidbits of Z. These were all taken since the beginning of the year and is just a small snippet of her shenanigans.

Z with her favorite book

There's just something too cute about leg warmers

The bunny slippers she got for Christmas finally fit

Fun with the shredder clippings. It took forever to get those off my leggings.

Something else left from Christmas. Daddy stuffed our stockings with big lollipops. It was bound to be discovered in the new year.

Oh yeah... that's the sugar high.


Bubble Beard

Bathtime and Jammies makes me happy.

Walking makes me really happy!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nana Donna's Visit

It was amazing to have my mom here for Zoe's first birthday. She was able to stay for 10 days and was such a great help to me. She's the easiest to entertain when she comes to NYC because all she wants to do is hang out. That certainly takes the pressure off. It also makes me feel as though no time has past and the distance does not exist. I get the same sense from Zoe herself. The way she approached Nana from the start of her visit and even woke up the first night my mom flew in and let her hold her while we settled her back down to sleep.

Zoe got quite used to snuggling with Nana. They both happened to be very good at it.

You just can't help but smush the face a little bit.

It never dawned on me to use this toy as a transportation device.
Leave it to Nana to make the Fill n Dump wagon more fun.

In my mind, my mom's visits are always too short and I am looking forward to the next one. I am reminded of all the family that we miss everyday and are grateful to have such diligent communicators in the family. I'm sure Zoe's cute face is a boost to the motivation but we love you all the same and can't wait to see each and every one of you again soon.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Zoe First Birthday Party

Many apologies to those that have been waiting for an update on Zoe since her first birthday. It took a long time to sort through the mounds of pictures from her party and I hope it was worth the wait. Of course, I have some more goodies to post a bit later.

So the Saturday after her actual birthday, we got together with friends and family to do it up right. We did most of the prep ahead of time but of course, there's always one project that gets left until the last minute. I had been debating a collage of Zoe's first year but never really got around to printing the pictures until the night before. Thanks to Aaron, they were done before midnight but putting them into some kind of order would be my task.

How'd I do? Pretty good if I do say so myself. I am a proponent of self horn-tooting.

We had a pretty decent spread. And like any good party, we bought too much food.

Z with Grammy Mary

The guest began to arrive around 2 pm. I was surprised how quickly things got hopping. These toddlers don't fool around.




James Gunner (Guns for short)

The Lanings

Daddy Matt and Guns (he doesn't look too scared of you)


Deborah and Jenn

This cake was made just for Zoe by our good friend Ann Marie.
It even has Pez on it. AMAZING!

As soon as the candles were blown out, the girls started to circle the high chair

The Birthday Girl (WALKING!)

Elena and Niko

Okay, so I expected instant carnage with the cake but Zoe was being so polite, barely poking the frosting and giving us a little look of uncertainty. Where was the flying cake chunks and the face plastered with gooey, sugary goodness?

Actually it got messier than this but the picture is somewhere in Pixel Land.

Sharing with Nana Debbie

The final destruction. Pretty great job Z!

And here was the cake for the party revelers.

Zoe having some fun with one of her new toys.

I find it hilarious that a child can get a mountain of great things to play with and they go for a cardboard roll almost every time.

We had a wonderful time and just want to say thank you to everyone who made Z's birthday a smash.