Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day in Coney Island

Aaron planned an action-packed weekend for us to celebrate who else? HIM! Okay, so he's totally worth celebrating. He spend the first part of Saturday with some friends at the Mermaid Parade. People dress in wacky underwater-themed costumes and parade (hence the name) around Coney Island until thoroughly pink. You can see in the pictures to follow that Aaron achieved this goal.

Debbie, Zoe and I met up with him in the evening to take in the opening game of the Brooklyn Cyclones. They are a single A team that has a field right by the boardwalk. It's a great stadium but the hot dogs ended up looking like shriveled you-know-whats. The ice cream and fireworks made up for it.

Pink Daddy and Z

Free hats were a bonus

Although I'm not sure Zoe agreed

Yes. I am a bad parent who let her drink Sprite

But she's SO cute.
They are not permanent teeth anyway.

A great time was had by all. I know I'm headed back on Belly night. Fun for the preggo moms.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day-Yeah It's Summer

What better way to celebrate the end of a wet and weird spring and the beginning of a hot and humid summer than with a pool party at Nana's house. After I clawed my way out of the workplace, we headed over to soak in Zoe's new star-shaped pool. It's nice and big with room for a large mama to soak with her teeny baby girl. Storms threatened to show up in the afternoon, but nothing ever arrived. More pool time for us!

Such a little lady

She seemed a bit skeptical in the beginning but once I climbed in, she was good to go.

A little shape sorting

oh and tasting

Nana made some homemade popsicle that just couldn't wait until pool time was over.
I couldn't get her to understand that putting the popsicle in the water made it melt so we swam in berry water. Some things are better left alone.

After swimming, we started the BBQ and in no time, we were eating steak and corn on the cob. Debbie made lemon meringue pie for dessert and Zoe helped herself to the beaters before the final pie was served.

Beaters are the best

The best treat of the day would have to be the traffic on the way back to Brooklyn. I am always prepared for the worst on holiday weekends but we sailed home. A welcomed surprise after a long week. Hey, what can I say. I'm easy to please.