Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer in the City

The best place to beat the summer heat is in our back yard. We set up Z's blow-up pool and invited Emma to come over and swim. The pool is actually pretty amazing. It fits two pregnant mommies and two toddlers. I couldn't ask for more.

Just startin' to get wet.

Nanny Kellie is on lifeguard duty

Great smile!



Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Chicago Fun

We took every advantage to be outside in the mild Chicago weather. We made our way through Lincoln Park to have a picnic right across from North Avenue Beach. That's where all the young childless people hang out. We, on the other hand, enjoyed sprawling all over our blankets and hanging with the babies.

Nate doesn't believe me when I tell him Zoe likes him. He works hard for her affection but instead of giggling at him, she watches him.
I think she has a crush on him.

Natacha and I spent a lot of time trying to get the girls to drink of their own sippie cups but to no avail. They were constantly swapping them and we gave up. The following three photos illustrate the action.

Their own cups

The Hand-Off

The Switcheroo

Lookin' for the last one

Natacha and I also spent a lot of time trying to get pictures of the constant love fest between Zoe and Sadie. They were always hugging and kissing but we could never catch them at the right moment. These shots were as close as we could get and it looks like Zoe's strangling Sadie.

It was so wonderful spending time with all our friends in such a hospitable city. It was truly relaxing even though it was so short. We love you all!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chicago 2010- Party at the zoo

As our last horrah before Newbie comes, we decided to take a trip to visit friends in Chicago on the weekend of the fourth of July. We took the first flight out of Islip and were in town by 8:00am. After some breakfast and chit-chat with Natacha, we made our way to the zoo where a group of other moms were having a party for some 1-year-olds in the groups. It was a gorgeous day. The zoo was the perfect spot and best of all, it was free to see all the amazing animals.

There were animal tails and hats to wear.
Zoe was a zebra-tailed lion.

Fun on the blanket

Tail tickles

Overall, it was a great time. The only mishap was Zoe's first bite. She was sitting in her stroller and one of the boys in the group, August, was standing near her. All of the sudden, Zoe was crying and upon further examination, we found bite marks on her knee. August's mom felt bad but these things happen. I joked that if she becomes a lesbian or ends up hating Chicago, we'll know why.