Saturday, April 10, 2010


Normally, Easter with the cousins wouldn't be possible but my family happened to be in Virginia where my brother was reporting for the second half of training in the Army. So we decided to meet up at a state park and hunt some Easter eggs. At first, Zoe didn't know quite what to do but it didn't take long before she got the hang of it and was finding eggs left and right.

Zoe got into the Easter Bunny spirit and sported some ears for the occasion.

Hanging out with cousin Judah

Okay I'm ready to hunt. What do I do?

Found one!

I found another one!

You wanna see?

Hmm... I think there's a treat inside.

Ooh. Another egg.
Who keeps dropping these all over the place?

These leaves don't fool me.

Check out my loot

Want one?

These eggs are slippery little suckers

Cousin Abby, you wanna share that with me? You know you do.

Cousin Sammy wants to share too.

It was a very short visit but it was wonderful to spend time with family on such a special holiday. I greatly appreciate the effort it took everyone to get us there and to make Zoe's first Easter so special.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

K-Bomb 2010

Zoe took her first trip to Kentucky with us this year. Our (almost) annual trip started with a stop in Baltimore to see our friends, the Murrays. Zoe got to spend some time with Heera, who was nice enough to share her yogurt treats.

Since we were delayed 24 hours leaving the city, we made a beeline for Kentucky and arrived late Tuesday night. Mike and Emily greeted us and were shocked to find Zoe in such good spirits after a 10 hour drive. She was SO excited to be out of the car.

The next day we made our way to Louisville to visit our friends John and Amanda and their cute girls, Simone and Elise. Little did I know I would be struck by a 24 hour stomach virus during our visit. I spent the day vomiting in various locations around Louisville (including in the bark in our friend's back yard- Aaron shoveled and disposed) and we wisely decided to stay the night and head back to Lexington the next morning.

Zoe ended up contracting the same virus two days later so instead of hitting the Makers Mark distillery tour with the group, we stayed home to barf it out (so sad).

Zoe was feeling much better the next morning and we headed to the races to watch the ponies run at Keeneland. The weather started off really overcast and chilly. We tailgated with a little Cornhole and snacks.

Marit began studying the program to learn the fine art of horse betting.
Natacha gets a lesson from Dr. Dewhurst.

Sadie is hanging with (and on) her dad.

Yummy! Snacks!!

Zoe liked the pretty horses. So shiny!

Zoe decided that Emily was her new friend.

When the sun came out, it was the perfect day for the races and we had a wonderful time. The mix of tradition and just plain fun is intoxicating.
We will definitely be returning to the track in the near future.